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Photographer; Volodymyr Hryshchenko
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Do you feel like you can not overcome your issues?

Feeling overwhelmed is normal. Everything is moving at a vertiginous speed; trains, planes, the internet, and even your issues!

You always hear “we all have issues, be thankful that your life is not as fucked up.” and if you use this argument to “help,” let me tell you one thing. You will only demotivate the person you are trying to help.

On the other hand, if you always hear that, understand that your issues are only Yours and only You decide how to react¹.

Just because you feel overwhelmed does not mean that there is no escape. It is sad to see many people feeling that their obstacles have no solution; well, maybe they are right. If you keep looking at your obstacles like issues, you will never thrive.

I will show you a Secret Technique discovered through a long process of self-discovery and learning; use to overcome your stress.


Stop seeing “issues” and start viewing challenges; challenges come along opportunity, creativity, and triumph. Let me explain with a story.

It was the year 2019; I was at the end of the earth doing an exchange at Sydney University. While I was away from my family and closest friend, something interesting happened.

I studied econometrics, one of the hardest courses I have ever been to for one reason, my professor. He had the strangest mixture of accents, and he was never concise, he literally came back to things that he should have explained previously.

His accent was so complicated that I wished he used the typical G’day M8 that placed Australia in the maps. The story did not end there; when I received my partial grade, I discovered that I needed 85 in the final to pass.

I was immediately stressed, anxiety consumed me, and my mind stopped working. I could not focus, understand the processes, or memorize the formulas. This meant that I could not learn.

My “issue” became
an avalanche

Did I Fail?

I know you are eager to see the resolution of my odyssey; well, yes, sadly, I failed, and everyone lived happily ever after. Wait, I had a friend in mind.

On the edge of the earth, I was blessed with divine inspiration², and I discovered The Secret Technique of Challenges. I took my book, opened YouTube, and decided that no Australian with a funny accent would fail me.

Despite my terrible start, I overcame my obstacle just by looking at it from a different perspective. I saw a challenge instead of an “issue,” something far more attractive and exciting.

I overcame econometry, a course that has a 50% failing rate, despite the language, the culture, and my education I survived.


You will not succeed in every obstacle, failing a subject, breaking up³, or running out of battery.

The worst happened.

You had to repeat the course like my friend, you broke up or worse you could not answer to your fans. Let me tell you the good news if you are reading this

You survived,
The world has not ended.

The apocalypse has not begun; believers are not flying into the sky yet, it still rains water, and it does not snow coal. Demons are still in Area 51.


Viewing obstacles as issues is not enough; you also exaggerate the consequences of failing, or worse, you do not know them.

I will show you a Secret Technique discovered by Tim Ferris⁴.

Focus on the consequences

Identify everything that can go wrong and find the worst outcome, repeat the course,  start a new relationship or answering late to your fans or the spoiled Mexican kid’s favorite;

My parents will kill me.

I would like to think that you have civilized parents that make use of less permanent “solutions.”

The keyword is:


Common obstacles do not carry permanent consequences, even in the biggest failures winners have appeared.

In 2008 some people benefited from the economic crisis in the USA; one example is Warren Buffet, an intelligent investor who viewed the situation as a challenge.

To reduce stress, create the habit⁶ of viewing obstacles as challenges, explore your fears, measure the real consequences of failure, and understand that rare consequences are permanent.

Live a better life with The Art of Excellence; Challenges.


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