Improve your relationship

Improve Your Relationship

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Improve Your Relationship

Improve your relationship; Dishonesty and lying are not the same.

Telling white lies, evading the truth
and cheating are dishonest actions.

Improve your relationship; the only way to respect your partner, show devotion and love is through honesty; improve your relationship.

There is nothing sexier
than honesty.

Think about it, what is the point of dating the most attractive person you know if you can not trust them. Honesty provides security and stability; the basis of a healthy and longlasting relationship.

Truth is involved in every process in the relationship. In order to start a relationship you have to break the ice and be honest about your feelings; improve your relationships and be honest.


To prove that truth works let me share with you my experience.

A long time ago, I studied in Australia, and I started a relationship with a fantastic person, the inconvenience was that she studied in Sydney, and I had to go back to Mexico.

We had an amazing relationship, so we took a leap of faith.

We got involved in
an international relationship.

Maluma, the famous musician has a song titled “Felices Los cuatro;” for those who do not speak Spanish, the song talks about cheating, one of the worst fears of long-distance relationships.

Distance is perceived as an issue¹ because it is seen as a breach between two people. A breach that can only be filled with honesty.

If there is no trust, respect, and honesty you and your partner will worry about infidelity, distance does not matter when you do not know your partner.

Shocking reality,

You can live
with a cheater.

I am not blaming anyone, the only thing that I want to point out is that

is independent
of distance

If you want to live a healthy relationship identify what type of person your partner is, a dog person or a cat person? the level of trust you both have and how sincere you are.

Improve your relationship with this information: change before it is too late.

Be Honest

We are so good at evading our situation; we are dishonest with ourselves, and this affects our relationships.

Improve your relationship;
be honest with yourself.

Assess how your partner treats you; they must be respectful and trustworthy. If they are not, then you should assess whether to save the relationship or escape that toxic relationship.

“People do not change,” this is not true. I will touch on the positive advice later, but for now, I must tell you that when your partner “undergoes negative changes,” the truth is that they were always that way, and now they understand that its harder for you to leave them. Improve your relationship or abandon it².

You are the most important part
in Your relationship and Your Life.

I will show you a Secret Technique discovered through a long process of self-discovery and learning; this technique makes my long-distance relationship more reliable than most “normal” relationships.

I made an agreement with my partner to always be honest; this means that when something bothers us we say it as soon as possible, it does not matter how “insignificant” it is. The only reason to wait is if either of you is angry.

Speak calmly.


We solve small annoyances. In other words, we do not let emotional garbage pile up until the mountain becomes an unstoppable avalanche that destroys everything in its wake.

Previously, I mentioned positive changes, here they go.

Small changes
are always possible.

Yeah, Alan may not become John, but with small changes, Alan will not let you down.

Speaking does not only improve your relationship, but it also develops you as a person. Your partner does not let you act in unsuitable manners; this eliminates your trash attitudes.

Expressing unconformity
does not cause conflict,
it fixes conflict.

When something annoys you, say it, yes, with words. Never express negative emotions with body language. Understand that no one can read minds, and thinking you are dating Charles Xavier is a fatal mistake.


A while back I practiced sledging down the mountainside with my partner, and I discovered something important, she does not enjoy speed as much as I do.

Well, that and the fact that running into an ice path means you are fucked; slowing down is impossible. I guess my inexperience led me to slam against a wooden barrier that separated me from impending doom.

If your relationship is on a slope,
enough, cold shoulders
will freeze your path.

“Accidents” means slowly degrading that holy barrier with constant struggles.

If you have been involved for some time, I recommend you make a list of positive and negative traits in your partner. Do not behave like Ross and compare your partner to someone else.

If Ross and Rachel had made a list, they would have avoided the mutual toxicity, but I guess Friends would not have as many seasons.

Make a list comparing how your partner makes you feel versus how you would like to feel. After making Santas Christmas letter to describe your ideal partner.

Be honest and express
Your feelings.


Negative attitudes are dynamite sticks, and the more you place, the more destructive the blast is. You do not want to be there when it blows

This exercise is not about expressing the horrible thing in the relationship. It is also about identifying what makes your relationship unique and being thankful for those small details.

After identifying said attitudes, share, you must engage with an open mind, always willing to improve.

Be respectful and considerate. Create a safe space³ and understand that there is nothing healthier than listening⁴.

“Huge deceptions” are just “minor” attitudes piled up, release them when they happen; most of the time, your partner did not know they annoyed you.

Crude Reality

If your partner is not willing to listen or brushes off their attitude, abandon ship. Forget that toxic person, and start a new relationship⁵.

If someone is not honest with
their feelings and attitudes,
they will never be honest with you.

This type of person is immature and will let the smallest of details pile up until you become all that is wrong in the relationship. It does not matter how much effort you put, how much you love them, or even how much you have spent on them. For this type of person, you will always be a selfish failure, and they will always be disappointed.

If someone loves you, they will help you improve; If they do not, then this toxic person will ruin you.

Take your relationship to the next level with The Art of Truth; Improve Your Relationship.


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Improve your relationship

Improve Your Relationship

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