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Photographer; Florian Klauer
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25% of your life is gone. What have you accomplished?

You know how lifechanging habits are; sadly, you can not use them to your advantage. There are various techniques like Make your bed and 21 days, which unfortunately do not resonate with anyone.

I will show you a Secret Technique discovered by James Clear to create habits¹.

Do not set goals.

Traditional goals are Toxic, enough said. You do not enjoy the process. Uncertainty will cause a lot of anxiety because of the ridiculous time and effort it will take to resolve. Not knowing the result will cause a lot of anxiety².

Traditional goals are flawed; things, like running a marathon, having a beach body, being famous are so far fetched that they become emotional baggage. No one enjoys suffering; that is why you abandon your goals and never achieve your dreams.

Do New Year Resolutions ring a bell or twelve?

The secret to achieving your dreams comes down to this simple phrase:

Create habits; do not chase Goals

Become somebody³.

That may sound like a goal… and it is; the difference is that it is Not a Traditional Goal; you are not looking for a result in a “galaxy far far away.” Create habits today.

The only thing you need to do is to conceive identities; it sounds complicated, and I will be blunt; it is. To achieve this first you need to obtain the horn of a unicorn. I am not kidding, go get it; then you may continue reading.

Truthfully, conceiving identities only depends on the willingness to sacrifice; no, I am not talking about the unicorn. I am talking about your current identities. I will give you an example.

Adopting identities; sacrifice who?

Create habits,
sacrifice the identities
that work against you.

I know that was not an example, so here it goes. I love reading, yeah, I know, such a nerd. Like everyone else, “I never had time to do it” what a lame excuse. Not so long ago, I decided to make my first sacrifice to the habits god (I am not sure if it is James Clear or not). My first victim was The Binge Watcher identity a low price to pay for my passion. Yeah, I am not up to date with the newest Netflix shows, but in just over a month, I read ten books.

Let me be clear, you do not have to completely sacrifice Netflix, Facebook, or whatever wastes your time. Just giving up on an episode will give you 365 extra hours in a year!

Create habits; make identity adoption your main habit. With this Technique, you achieve “small” results from this galaxy.

Here comes another example; my dream as a writer.

Why did I write this now?

Because writing a book is too demanding, this lead to frustration and forced me to put my dream in the freezer, hoping that one day I would be blessed with some divine inspiration⁴.

After gathering knowledge from reading, I decided to become a writer and blogger, so here we are. I started with small articles such as this one; in the beginning, you could read this in under a minute. It was concise, and straight to the point, too straight, as a Mexican, I thought it was missing a little bit of salsa; now it is delicious.

I implemented new habits effortlessly. Create habits this way. The most significant advantage of fostering identities is that it becomes a cycle. I became a writer, I began writing, which strengthened my identity as a writer and pushed me to write more; now, I am fluent in English.

The special ingredient in this Secret Technique is that it can be applied to everything in life, sports, reading, art, romance⁵, or even school. If you do not adopt the identity of an excellent student, you will be a mediocre one.

Achieve your dreams and create habits with The Art of Excellence; Identity.


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