Be a Dog

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Photographer; Jametlene Reskp
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Am I a Dog?

Not so long ago, I grabbed lunch with my friend Jim; while we waited for our food, we saw a couple of Goths taking a seat not so far away from us, they were different.

My friend did not react well to the situation and asked an interesting question in a not so polite manner, “Why are there people that dress so strange?”

After creating a Safe Space¹, I discovered the motive behind his tone.

I discovered that Jim found it weird when people acted differently; when they did not follow “the norm,” this led me to the creation of this story.


There was once a beautiful lamb, as white as the snowflakes dropping from her soft cloud-like wool.

Beetty was an exemplar lamb. She followed the herd without hesitation, and she was always willing to help others, her friends loved her, and half of the flock had a crush on her.

On a sunny day, while Beetty found delight in an exquisite, juicy pasture, a question materialized in her mind, “Was there something else? Yeah, she had friends, adoration, and safety, but eating and following was not everything, was it?”

Our sheep paused for a moment, “Safety… Why are we safe?” She was smart, and she was aware of the dangers lurking outside the safety of her bubble. She did not know the cause of her protection; no one in the heard was athletic, and their cotton candy wool only gave them a tastier look.

Beetty looked up at her parents and asked, “Why are we safe? Who are we following?” her parents simply raised their shoulders and kept on eating.

She was not discouraged. She stared at her parents with determination until finally, her father Robeert asked, “Where are we going? Who is guiding us?”

Vincent van Dog

Beetty was determined to answer her inquiries, so she went ahead to ask the elders, she wanted to know who was leading them.

The lamb made her way amongst her friends, answering such a question was exciting; maybe one day she could be the leader². Suddenly her ears perceived a low panting, and her eyes fixated on the long tongue waterfalling from sharp white teeth. She was being examined by penetrating but noble eyes.

Beetty, the lamb, could sense compassion in the eyes of the creature, its athletic body was tense, and its ears were in alert listening to every noise. It looked like something out of a horror story; the one parents used to induce fear of the outside. The canine was ready to attack, and no sheep could do anything to stop the imposing animal.

The dog let its head fall to the side for a brief moment before he continued its way. Joung Beetty was perplexed, what was that?

Baartholomew, the grey, felt touched by the lamb’s curiosity. He decided to tell his story, “Just like you, I was a curious one, and at a young age, I found out that no one knows what that is.” His head motioned to the animal in the front before he continued, “No one knows his name, but ever since this heard has existed, we follow them.”

Small Betty had more questions than answers. She frowned before asking, “If we do not know anything, why do we follow him?”

A smile appeared in Baaartholemews face, as he looked at the leader and then back at Beetty, “He has an impressive orientation, amazing senses.” The old sheep closed its eyes lost in thought, “but most importantly, he is our guardian; he would sacrifice himself for each and every one of us.”

Beetty the lamb grew up to be a leader, she did not protect others, but her kind heart allowed her to solve the internal issues of the herd. She was different; she was like a dog.

Be a Dog

Being a dog does not have a nice ring to it, but think about it. They are extraordinary beings. They are police, influencers, models, guides, hunters, and even truffle searchers (pigs were fired, they ate the merchandise.)

Dogs have superior senses, but the most impressive feat is their unmeasurable love. They would risk their lives to protect their loved ones, that is why you have to be different, be a dog.

Humans, just like dogs, have different abilities and capacity to perform, and just like canines, we stick our tongue out in heated days.

Wait, no one else does it? Well, Just like dogs, You are exceptional, and You have innate abilities.

A leader can be the weirdest person on earth, or just like an influencer, they can be the most common bitch, I mean people (keep reading influencer).

It does not matter if you dress extravagantly, or if your life was taken out of a Tim Burton film be different in your own way. Influencers know how to communicate, Walter White is a great chemist, and I write.

Be different, and unlock your true potential, live the life of your dreams.

Do what psychologist Ichiro Kishimi states based in Adler’s psychology, Have The Courage to Be Disliked³; be yourself, acquire freedom and happiness


Find something you are passionate about, something you are willing to do despite boredom, even when it becomes repetitive. Breakthrough, the writer’s block, do not give up, divine inspiration⁴ comes in the most unexpected times.

Create habits to practice⁵. It only takes one activity to bring your dreams down to earth.

Start today

Make your dreams come true with The Art of Excellence; Different.


  1. Propiciate the exchange of ideas with The Art of Discussion; Safe Space.
  2. Lead on your own way with The Art of Excellence; Lead
  3. Have the courage to be different with The Courage to Be Disliked.
  4. Keep your creativity running with The Art of Excellence; Divine Inspiration
  5. Habits are the building blocks of success learn to create them with The Art of Excellence; Identity

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